Whoop, Whoop! Contemporary Art!

My Gyrotonic client, an mixed medium artist herself, told me about Sebastian Smee’s Sunday Globe article about Boston/New England’s new embrace of contemporary art.  As a fan myself, I have enjoyed the past few years patroning the new ICA and the De Cordova.  My kids have been able to digest the one floor gallery at the ICA and run freely amongst the large scale sculpture park at the De Cordova.  And I get my dose of art and feel as a parent they’re being exposed and enlightened.

The MFA has also been holding these great kid’s Friday’s, where the kids enter a single gallery and talk about season’s, colors, emotions, etc of a single painting and create a little art themselves in the new all glass atrium.  It’s a fantastic start.

Sebastian’s article is all about the fantastic start, spearheaded by the recent new ICA museum in South Boston, to bring contemporary art to the people.  As he breaks down each major museum and their additions, he cleverly talks about the conservative, traditional hold Boston has always had and how this movement lifts us to a new place as art enthusiasts and as a city.

I say bring it on: the good, the bad and the ugly.  Next, more contemporary dance, please.

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