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Retro meets functional bike

My 3-year-old has just learned to ride a bike.  She has seamlessly transitioned from the amazing LIKE a BIKE Jumper to her friend Jack’s borrowed 2 wheeler, sans training wheels.  I am a proud mama.

Now I run alongside whooping and cheering her on, bike-less myself.   My husband has one of those neat folding bikes, that folds up for the car/train/office storage.  After reading the latest issue of Dwell Magazine I feel, I too, should have a bike to ride around town (with an attached little seat for the baby of course).

Dwell’s November issue lists it’s Modern World Awards complete with best bike : A7 Bicycle by Public Bikes.  I am partial to the M8 Public in White…

ahhhhh… reflexology

I love feet.  I love working on balancing a clients foot.  I love the articulation of a dancers foot while moving through space.  I love a babies pudgy, yummy feet.  I love hand and foot reflexology.

According to the American Reflexology Certification Board “Reflexology is an art of stress reduction based on the work of two American physicians, Dr. William Fitzgerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley in the 1920’s. Foot and Hand Reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all body parts. The physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques result in stress reduction which causes a physiological change in the body.”

During my second pregnancy, I worked with Amy Kreydin of The Barefoot Dragonfly, Stoneham, MA.   In addition to relieving my fluid logged logs, she also helped to encourage the baby into the right position.  Thankfully my son came a week early, so I did not use her to induce a natural labor, but reflexology can help with that, too.

In addition to it’s glorious relaxing nature, it is a tool for health and repair.  In Amy’s words :  “Reflexologists don’t diagnose medical conditions. However, they have what is dubbed a “Reflexology diagnosis” – like what the service technician has for a washing machine. Reflexes that are imbalanced show up as tender to the touch, or have a different texture in the connective tissue. It doesn’t tell the practitioner what is going on in that reflex or why – a “crunchy” liver reflex, for example, could be caused by Fatty Liver Disease, or from eating cheese. So no, we don’t diagnose with Reflexology but look for stress cues and imbalanced reflex areas.

I’m off to de-stress and balance tonight, once the kids are down… hooray!

Community Supported Agriculture

We try to live green.  We eat mostly organic, local when possible, almost entirely vegetarian ( if you overlook my husband’s large seafood and winter venison consumption), clean green, garden green, wear organic and natural fibers, etc.  In general, we’re not perfect, but it’s a priority both at home and at Swell.

Organic vs. Local produce has been a trade-off and we’ve tried it many different ways:  buying organic from Whole Foods,  Boston Organics delivery, wholesale distributor Russo’s in Watertown, other smaller farm shares.  We are now signed up with Moraine Farm, a CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) out of Beverly, MA.  This is their first full CSA season and so far so good.  Sure, it’s a tad more work washing every little thing, but the pay off is delicious, fresh, vibrant produce.  It also helps to have a husband who picks up, washes and compartmentalize the produce!

For Thanksgiving, Moraine Farm is offering a special Thanksgiving meal farm share pick up.  It is $45 for the one time pick up on Wed. Nov. 16, 2011.

Here is what you’ll get as described on the farm web site:

Beets, butternut squash, carrots, celeriac, cipolinni onions, escarole, kale or collard greens, leeks, lettuce, onions, parsley and sage, parsnips, pie pumpkin, potatoes, purple top turnips, radicchio, spinach, sweet potato, and winter radishes. There might be a few fun surprises, like the cauliflower and parsley root that are taking their sweet time to size up. Remember, we are working with mother nature, so there may be other surprises as well!

I think this is a fabulous way to serve up a delicious home-made meal, full of local, green produce.  Now, husband oh’ mine, get in the kitchen and cook!

Wisdom from Yamuna

Yamuna Zake, creator of Yamuna Body Rolling, posts a pearl of wisdom every day on her Facebook page.    A few days ago this was her post:

“Very often we get super athletes coming to YAMUNA, the flagship studio in NYC complaining about their hips, backs or knees. When i ask them to take off their shoes, their feet are like babies feet. There is no muscle tone, strength, or flexibility! How can you possibly push your body to do unbelievable exertion and not think that you must also be working the feet with equal intensity? The moment an athlete gets this concept, his/her performance level soars! Yes, we will keep pushing to get the importance of taking care of the feet out to everyone!”

In my experience teaching Yamuna, people have the most profound reactions to Yamuna’s foot work.  It’s immediate gratification, as the feet start to open.  She’s such a smarty pants as she highlights what dancers and body workers already know – the articulation and strength of the foot has everything to do with power behind movement and control.

Shampoodle from Stolkholm

If you’ve read about Shampoodle on our website, you know they’re this funky, unisex, organic brand for women and children from Stockholm.  Their Fall/Winter 11 collection is full of easy pants and denim, linen slouchy sweaters and of course their signature track suit.

Modeled with some punk rock doc’s and a cool attitude, here are highlights of the fall collection here at Swell…


Movement has Meaning, mmm hmmm

My friend/mother of two/dance professor/choreographer extraordinaire Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, introduced me to this website Movement has Meaning.  Through  Laban Movement Analysis * (LMA)  the site explores movement and its daily application in life. The blog’s their writing are not just intended for the dancer/movement practitioner/physical therapist.  They are easily digestible concepts for everyone.

How LMA can improve your workout, is a stellar article highlighting 6 ways that focus and attention to detail can change your workout for the better ( very gyro, really).  As I like to say, all good things sound similar.

Healthy practices, better workouts:  How LMA can improve your workout

1.  Embrace your 3 dimensionality
2.  Breathe
3.  Slow down
4.  Less weight, deeper work
5.  Everything is connected
6.  Exertion and Recuperation

*  Laban is a way and language for interpreting, describing, visualizing and notating all ways of human movement. Created by Rudolf Laban, LMA draws on his theories ofeffort and shape to describe, interpret and document human movement.
via Wikipedia.

Matta has arrived for fall

Matta’s effortless chic clothing has arrived…

Here are some of the standout dresses we’ve just got in…


Charlestown Mothers Association Gala Sat. Oct. 22


When first we moved to Charlestown I was just married.  I commuted to work and didn’t much notice the playgrounds and strollers that surrounded us.  When I was pregnant with River, doing my due diligence finding Doctors and  play groups, etc,  I then noticed the Charlestown Mothers Association.  Everyone told me to sign up and be sure to go to the new mom’s breakfast.  I did go and some of the women I met that day are the families we socialize the most with.

They are accessible, committed, influential and are making this neighborhood better and better for families.   If you are in the Boston area this is a great resource.  CMA hold’s it’s annual Fundraising Gala this Sat. Oct. 22, 2011.  Please read Charlestown Patch article.


100 years old and still running

Alright, I may have to rethink my attitude towards marathon running.  This man began running at 89 and just completed his 8th marathon in Toronto on Sunday!  Incredible… goes to show you it’s all in how you live it.

Fauja Singh, 100, receives a finishing medal after crossing the line in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Toronto on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011. Photo: The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn / AP



Tres Bien

Just looking at The Satorialist blog, as I often do, and saw this picture of two women sharing a laugh at the Jardin de Tuileries.  Um, do you see women dressed this fabulously hanging out at the Boston Common?  Only the French… c’est bon.