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French do it better

I am a little behind on blogging… I’ve accumulated a stack of interesting tid bits to write about and as I am sorting through them today, many just seem like yesterdays news.  Pamela Drukerman’s new book, Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, is indeed yesterdays news, but it’s far too interesting to cast aside.  Those darn French: they dress better, their language is far more beautiful, they live with a joie de vive we all admire and NOW they parent better!  Quel rat!

Last year I learned all about the steady pressure of Chinese parenting and I must admit I am a little more comfortable with the French style.  There are a few key idea’s I’ve attached to that I think are great:

1.  Educate rather than Discipline – The back bone of French parenting, is the idea that they educate their children all the time.  They teach them how to be patient and have self – control.

2.  Independence – The art of enjoying yourself and being able to play by themselves.

3.  CADRE/ Frame – French kids don’t interrupt, they do say hello, goodbye, thank you and please.  How do we get our loud American kids to do this? The french call it cadre, a strictly enforced framework about certain things.  Druckerman goes on to explain, “that inside the cadre, French parents entrust their kids with quite a lot of freedom and autonomy.”

C’est bon!

Bobo Choses Spring Collection

I have been waiting for this all winter and here it is … Swell’s 1st Bobo Choses collection! It’s vibrant color palette of  yellow, rust, red, blue, grey, and green are such a welcome change from the dark colors of winter.  Ah how exciting,  Spring is coming!

Here are just a few of my favorites:

For Spring 2012 Bobo Choses has woven a story about Monsieur Leon and his magical summer.  I can feel the sun on my skin, hear the crickets and feel the sweet smell of grass underfoot… 

Les Vacances de M.Leon

Monsieur Leon cycles around the campsite.
It’s part of the summer, just like the heat, the mosquitoes, and the afternoon siesta.
Monsieur Leon also has the habit of whistling contentedly. Indeed, he is so good at it
that the larks prefer to listen to him, and the roosters refuse to
greet the break of day because they cannot compete
with Monsieur Leon’s dawn whistling. He starts on a low note, like a timid violin
seeping in with the first sunbeams among the tents and the caravans,
among the pine branches and the dew that the night drops before retiring…
Bit by bit, Monsieur Leon’s whistling warms up and changes colour,
enhanced by new notes of the voices of children just awakened from slumber.
So begin the long happy summer days at the campsite,
and so they go on, with no clocks to mark the hours passing by.

When night falls once more, and Monsieur Leon thinks
that everybody has gone to bed,
he takes out his ukulele and there, on the steps of his caravan,
plays songs that he learned from his grandmother, songs that are
as old as this old world of ours. Or even older.
And then all around him, in time with his beat,
the crickets crick and the owls owl, and together they play
the lullaby that sends us off to sleep
and into a land of dreams as sweet
as the salt of the sea in summertime,
as the tickling of the grass under our bare feet…


Tale by Felipe Cano

Support Public

I keep expounding on the growth of families raising their kids in the city and enjoying the charm and opportunities that affords.  Charlestown, Boston’s version of Brooklyn Heights, is saturated with young families.  On the playground, mom’s night out and here at Swell the conversation often drifts to kids and what the next big thing is… SCHOOL.

There are many wonderful options, but I want to focus on the Boston Pubic Schools.  Boston Public has made large strides since I was a kid.  One of the cities finest and on our radar for the kids is the Elliot School, a PreK-8 Charter that has received accolades for its growth and development.

The School is doubling in size with each incoming grade and though it’s housed in a charming building right off Hanover St., its facilities just can’t accommodate the interest.  The below link is to a petition to support the Elliot to get a new school space in the North End.  Please support Public by reading, signing and passing along.

Swell News

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It’s not warm yet, but all this balmy winter weather here in Boston has me feeling SPRING!  These pale sunglasses from Ellery are perfection – a little splash of the spring 12′ pastel trend mixed with a retro vibe!  ( Aussie’s take on Celine, no?)