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Pantone Keeps In Style


Spring 2012 Pantone Colors!

With help from designers like Adam Lippes, Peter Som and VPL by Victoria Bartlett who selected Sweet Lilac , Cabaret  and Tangerine Tango respectively, Pantone

forecasts the Spring 2012 Trends.   My favorite is Margarita, a pale La Duree green!

left to right:  Solar Power, Margarita, Driftwood, Cockatoo, Starfish, Sodalite Blue, Bellflower

Downton Abbey Decor

Everyone is raving about the PBS series Downton Abbey.  From the setting to the wardrobes, every aspect is beautiful and inspiring.  Remodelista has featured a fantastic Downton Abbey inspired Pinterest board, helping you bring a little Downton into your own home!


The Barbershop

When I was a kid, my dad used to let us tag along to the Barbershop.  He went to Mr. Sid in Newton, MA.  The kind of all around men’s shop where you bought your suit, had it tailored, cleaned up with your weekly barber and could shoot some pool while you wait.  I have piecemeal images of the red & white barber pole, the green felt top pool table and the smell of leather.

I’ve never really seen that kind of shop again – not that I have been looking very hard.  But while walking around New York City the other weekend, I noticed a renaissance of the Barbershop.  A few in the West Village, one down in Nolita… complete with barber poles, leather chairs, the whole vibe.  Even the barber’s themselves fit the bill with buttoned up vests, rolled up sleeves and thick, well-groomed mustaches galore.

Slightly modernized with organic products, the metro men of NY are taking great interest in both a salon to call their own and the products that go along with a great shave or cut.  I walked past The New York Shaving Company and F.S.C. Barber.  I am sure there are others, but check them out.


Swell Fans

With the launch of Swell Online Boutique, this lovely lady was able to get her hands on a few new pieces from the TWO Collection.

She was kind enough to send in a few pic’s – FABULOUS!

Feel free to send in your pic’s – looking fab in your or your little one’s Swell duds!

Pick Your Own in Charlestown

If the Higher Ground Farm has their way with Charlestown, and I sure hope they do, a 32,000 square foot produce farm is in our future.  Where?  The location is not final yet, but Higher Ground specializes in Green Rooftop farming.

The concept is to “re-connect urban dwellers with a productive green space” while providing green produce to local restaurants and the community.   Though plans do not suggest there will be community access to the garden ( no seating area’s, etc.) , a pick your own program will be a fantastic way to enjoy the farm and teach your little one’s a little about plants.

Rooftop Farms are popping up in major cities all over the US, both in commercial uses and domestic.  Benefits include cutting building energy costs, extending the life of the building’s, offsetting environmental urban damage and of course YUMMY LOCAL PRODUCE!

Swedish Hasbeens

For a past 3 years Swedish Hasbeens has been my go to clog.  Classic with a little sass and most importantly super comfortable.

For Spring/ Summer 12′ the company has captured my heart with their retro athletic ( yup, odd combo but it works) campaign,  complete with gymnastic fashion show!

Looks like maybe they took inspiration from old Joseph Pilates images.

Click here to watch Fashion Show:


Two Collection Arrived!

                                                                         A Swell favorite, Two New York hand makes these individual caftans, dresses and tunics.  These incredibly beautiful pieces are not done justice on the hanger… the fit is both voluminous and shapely, kind of art form.

Two Collection is viewable at SHOP SWELL ONLINE by Monday and at SWELL BOUTIQUE today!




Shop Swell Online… New Arrivals Lucky Fish

New Arrivals from Lucky Fish are in… and now you can SHOP SWELL ONLINE!

Click on any Swell Boutique brand page.  At the bottom of the page click ” Shop Online”.

Or from homepage, select “Shop Online” from bar menu or bottom right box.

More to come about NEW ONLINE STORE!  Enjoy!

Spring is Springing… NEW ONLINE STORE!

Here in Boston it’s been a fabulously warm ( it’s relative) and dry winter.  With March’s arrival, glorious spring is on the brain and filling the shelves at Swell!

Our latest venture, the online store, is up and running just in time for all the New Spring Goodies.  We’ll be posting new inventory as soon as it hits the store, so keep an eye out!



Children with Allergies

This is my most favorite, all time blog.  First, I have one niece and one nephew with food allergies.  I have watched both families cope with the crisis of a reaction, the fear of unforseen risk, the learning curve of changing their food habits and surroundings and the hope that their child will outgrow allergies.   I have also watching people dismiss, brush off and blatantly disrespect the families who try so hard to advocate and protect their children’s safety.

I can not excuse such ignorance, but can say there is a lack of solid allergy information out there.   Unless you’re an allergy parent, reading blogs on schools and recipes, you probably don’t know the spectrum of risk.  An exposed childs reaction ranges from hives or throwing up to full anaphylactic shock, where the throat closes cutting off oxygen or the stomach convulses causing the lungs to swell, which can be fatal within minutes.

My sister, Liz Rappaport, fabulous human being and rock start journalist at the Wall Street Journal, reported Finding Food Allergy Allies: Schools, States, Restaurants Take Steps; Beyond the Peanut-Free Table.  She explains that 1 in 13 school age children in the US has serious food allergies.  The most common are milk, shellfish, legumes, sesame, eggs and tree nuts.  Liz goes on to explain some of the theory’s of why food allergies are on the rise,  what is being done about it on the State level and how individual families have coped and made strides in their communities.  Below is a clip from her article listing the progressive laws and regulations that have been enforced over the past decade in the US:


The take away from the Allergy Allies article is there is more work to be done to protect allergy kids.  Not solely the responsibility of dutiful parents checking labels and bringing individual cupcakes to friends birthday parties, food allergies are a public health and a community issue.