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Unshoes: Newest Barefoot Sandal


I’ll admit, I do not wear Vibrams or barefoot sneakers when I am not teaching/exercising. I just like fashion too much to forgo a great shoe.

However, I do believe in the barefoot concept and think this growing market is a cool one and worth supporting.  To refresh your memory taken from the folks at Unshoes, “Shoes have altered the natural gait of human movement. Rather than landing on the forefoot or midfoot, shoes create the tendency to heel strike. When the heel takes the main force of walking or running the shock is absorbed by the joints and can cause ankle, knee and back problems. Minimal footwear supports a natural forefoot or midfoot landing where the muscles absorb the shock.”

These huarache style sandals are a great summer “barefoot” shoe… and they have just added a kids line!

William Sonoma takes farm to table to store

Very smart, very attractive… uber-home wear brand William Sonoma has moved in a new direction: Organic, Garden, Farm to table.  In their own words, “Agrarian supports a lifestyle of healthy living – connecting the virtues of the homegrown and homemade to your everyday table.”

From seeds, beds and tools to chicken coops, starter bee keeping and cheese making kits; Agrarian fancies itself a new compilation resource for the green, self-sustainable movement.

I know… it’s a tad glossy for the roll up your sleeves and dig in the dirt types with personalized garden tools and denim WS gardening aprons.  However, poke around the site and you will find the Kombucha Brooklyn Kit or the Annual Harvest Calendar is pretty sweet.

Style meets Self-Sustainable!


Feel fabulous in your Bathing Suit

As summer draws closer I just wanted to share one of my fabulous favorites…

Many moons ago, when I lived in New York City, I stumbled upon Malia Mills while walking around the newly hip (then) Nolita.   Ooh la la!  She makes the MOST beautiful, simple, well-fitting bathing suits I have ever worn.

Hawaii born Malia seems super down to earth and equally interested in every shape and size.  Her size 2-16 suits are separately sold top to bottom and based on cup size.  The idea being that your bathing suit should fit you like your clothes do – making you feel comfortable and beautiful.   Swell can get behind that M.O!


Shampoodle Collection, New Arrivals Spring 2012

The hip Shampoodle team over in Stockholm have created a soft, comfortable and very cool collection of organic cotton basics.  It’s hard to make a tank top fresh or a pair of pants unique, but they have this edge that just funks it up!

I swear by a pair of bollywood pants and plan to wear my anchor banana jumper when the heat wave hits… god I love summer!

Shop the complete Shampoodle Collection at Swell Online Boutique!

Butterfly tank kids: 1.5-2.5, 3-4, 4-5, 5-7 $30 women: S,M,L $40

Anchor Jumpsuit, blue bell or banana, kids: 1.5-2.5, 3-4, 4-5, 5-7 $45, women: S, M $65

Weekday T Purple, kids: 3-9 month, 9-18 month, 1.5-2.5, 3-4, 4-5, 5-7 $ 32, Women: S,M,L $45

Summer Dress, colors: Blue Bell, Thistle, Sun Yellow, kids $45, women $85

Sailor Pant, Kids $60, women $95

Bollywood Pant, colors: blue bell and thistle, kids $45, women $75




MJ Manning Swell Collection

For Spring + Summer MJ Manning’s Collection for Swell is all about color and hoops.  What better than a vibrant turquoise or pink to pop against a tan?!  I also think every girl should own a pair of go – to – perfect hoops in silver and gold,  classic summertime.

Shop the full MJ Manning Collection at Swell Online Boutique




Matta Spring Summer Collection

Matta shines in the summer months!  They have mastered effortless, chic, perfect fitting clothes and accessories in vibrant colors that remind me of a bowl full of tropical fruit.

As I sorted this seasons inventory I found myself trying each piece on daydreaming of a sun-kissed tan ( or my very pale version there of) and the long dog days of summer that lie ahead.  I think I love anticipating summer as much as I LOVE summer!

I’m busy putting the collection up online and in store, but couldn’t resist posting some images.  Visit our Matta boutique page to Shop Swell Online!

Danna Embroidered Top, White S,M,L $170.00

Dupatta Shawl Zephyr $170.00

Eva Ash Top S,M,L $210.00

Shalini Vai Dress S, M, L $ 325.00

Updipti Orchid Sarong $65.00

Puja Jungle Dress S, M, L $ 190.00


Voyage to the Serengeti with Mini Rodini

Opening the boxes from Mini Rodini puts a big smile on my face.  The color, humor and charm of the collecion is refreshing, like spring itself.  The Spring/ Summer ’12 Collection appears like a mirage in the Serengeti.  Mini Rodini explores exotic wild life of Africa, capturing the fantasy of a faraway land all in an inspired spot on palette of mints, creams and apricots with dashes of orange and raspberry pink.

Shop Mini Rodini on our Swell Online Boutique



Modern Motherhood

Oh snap, no she didn’t…

Wow, interesting.  Badinter argues that as women have found their footing in equality to men at home and in the workplace, they have let themselves get swallowed right back up in the idealized and unrealistic goal of perfect parenting.

She suggests that natural parenting : exclusive nursing, cloth diapering, constant stimulation and baby wearing, etc.  have all set a scenario where if a mother strives for these parenting goals they leave themselves little time for their careers or well, independence.  In a nutshell, we just got out of the kitchen and we’ve put ourselves right back in it.

I nursed exclusively.  I  can relate to the inner turmoil ( and marital turmoil) of wanting to give my kids the best of me all the time AND resenting the bleep that I was so tied physically to it.  Total honesty – I loved it, resented it, but never ever delegated it.

I am sure the La Leche and stay at home earth mothers are up in arms over Badinter’s book.  It’s a put down in a way and a backlash to the whole natural parenting movement.

But nothing is perfect.

If she is saying the same women who was successful in her career and pushed herself to succeed is the same women who then stops working to push herself to be a perfect parent, then it’s less of a dig and more of awakening.  We’re asking a lot of ourselves and maybe missing the golden ring in all of our earnest pursuit of success.


Different Kinds of Strength

Miami Heat athlete Dwayne Wade has taken to cross-training his body with Yoga & Pilates.  Spawned by the NBA lockout, he was left to his our resources to train.  Wade says of pilates and other alternative exercise, ” I didn’t even know my body needed it.”  At the ripe age of 30, Wade works to prevent injury, already managing past injuries at this point in his career.

One of the things not lost on Wade is the importance of foot work.  He runs in the sand to help articulate and strengthen feet/ ankles/ legs and regularly get’s “sports pedicure” which is the man fancy way of saying calluses get removed and feet get massaged.  Now if he could only get ahold of some Yamuna Foot Wakers…

What I find so interesting about the article is the general concept of different kinds of strength.  Obviously he’s strong, but when challenged to do a tree pose, he struggles greatly.  I believe in the importance of cross-training a sport and taking the time to organize the body to move from the optimum place.   Without balance, weakness, tightness and ultimately injury often follow from overuse of only certain muscles.

Below is a clip from, For a Basketball Star, Fitness Calls for Pilates

From the article:  “I have tight hips and I felt I needed to loosen up and be more flexible as I got older,” says Mr. Wade. He started taking private yoga lessons. “Just basic yoga—I wasn’t ready for the hot stuff,” he says. “Yoga is a totally different way of stretching and really challenging.” Mr. Wade says he persuaded his teammate, LeBron James, to join him. “He’s stiffer than me,” he jokes.

Mr. James, in turn, persuaded Mr. Wade to try machine-based Pilates, which lengthens muscles and strengthens the core muscles. “I really felt the Pilates loosen up my muscles,” says Mr. Wade. The attention to stretching has paid off during the season. “I recall making a move, and the basketball ended up on my foot and I almost did a split on the ball. Normally, that’s a groin pull, but I bounced back.”





Vitamin Bubble Burst?

I was recently discussing Vitamins with a very healthy and active 82-year-old client of mine.  I can not recall her exact words, but the jest was “rubbish”.  She had never taken a multi vitamin and was not planning on starting.  Interesting I thought, but as a multi vitamin, super green and omega – 3 taking gal I felt maybe she was missing out.

What she does do among other healthy habits is garden, a lot, and eats year round from it.  Smart lady.  WSJ recent article Is This the End of Popping Vitamins? explores a series of research studies quantifying the help and possible hinderance of taking vitamins.  Let me hit you with the bad news, apparently they don’t really do much.  We won’t live longer, we aren’t healthier, we are not preventing disease.  Really and my client said it first, you must EAT your fruits and vegetables to get your vitamins.

The article goes on to talk about studies showing how Vit C might protect cancer cells!  Vit E can increase your chances of prostate cancer!  Multi- V takers have an increased risk of earlier mortality!  Say it ain’t so!  There are some supplements they support such as folic acid for prenatal health, phew.   Additionally,  research is being conducted to further explore how nutrients work and why food source is the best way to get them.

Grow a garden, eat your veggies and keep it simple!