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Summer Solstice Swell Sale

Time to take a bike ride, fly a kite, make sandcastles at the beach and enjoy all the pleasures of summertime…

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The Biological Imperative to Move


I am not a big runner.  I’ve tried periodically throughout my life, joining a friend on a run, or just trying to get in some quick exercise.  But I have never really found the joy in putting one foot in front of the other fast.

However, we’ve all heard the term “Runners High”.  Gretchen Reynolds, The Evolution of the Runner’s High, reports on a study done comparing an inactive non running animal, with an active running one.  We humans are the latter, having evolved to distance run.  What the study found is the animal the evolved to not run do not experience any chemical runners high.  The humans and dogs tested showed significantly increased levels of endocannabinoids,  the same chemical found in marijuana, that lightens mood creating the runner’s high.

At one point we needed to run long distance for survival.  But as humans have evolved we no longer have that necessity.  So why have our bodies kept this natural high which gives our bodies incentive to run long distance?  The study further asks, how is it then that the modern human does not choose or like to run?

“That’s the million dollar question,” Dr. Raichlen says. “It appears from our study that we have the evolutionary drive” to exercise. But modern man has learned to ignore it.

Huh, interesting right? Here’s the silver lining:

“Our results are very preliminary,” Dr. Raichlen says. “But if they have a message, it’s that our evolutionary history appears to have included this kind of endurance activity and rewarded it. And as a result, we continue to have a biological imperative” to move.

The French Palette

New book/ cookbook, French Kids Eat Everything: How Our Family Moved to France, Cured Picky Eating, Banned Snacking, And Discovered 10 Simple Rules For Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters by Karen Le Billon, is a mouthful.

This is the story of an American woman who moves her family to her husbands native France.  She discovers French children eat their veggies, sit patiently at the table and gasp, enjoy food!  Her 10 simple rules and some recipes make for a charming little book.

In contrast, let me just share the story of my brother whose first trip to France at 16 resulted in a 15 pound weight loss from basic starvation.  My favorite story was the hamburger specially prepared to appease his American palette.  However in French form, the burger was only cooked on the outside and then left raw on the inside.  He ate around the edges.

Maybe Le Billon is on to something though – get them eating everything young and they’ll have a more exploratory palette for it.



Modern Art meets Dance

You may recall the Nick Cave image from the Moving Target Dance blog a few weeks back?  Well it’s about time I followed up and introduced you to the former modern dancer turned artist Nick Cave.

Creator of the Soundsuit hee has taking art into mixed media, movement land complete with noise, shape and joy!