SWELL BODY offers private (individual or duet) and small group mat training in Gyrotonic, Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling. All three modalities are designed with the same goal in mind: to make space in the body. The idea is to optimize the space between bones. By lengthening & lifting the spine, you allow for muscles to activate and organize around the bone which creates and supports proper alignment. This space improves organ function and circulation in the body and allows you to move through your life properly, pain free and at your optimum body/muscle organization.

We all have patterns of movement in our body-patterns we are born with that deepen over time or patterns created from accidents, injury, surgery or other traumas. Other patterns we create by performing daily tasks, such as sitting in the car, at a desk, holding phones and toting babies and toddlers. Still others are created by training in a sport, which entail making specific repetitive patterns that are necessary for a sport like golf or tennis, but require cross training to prevent injury or imbalance in the body.

Swell Body works within all 3 modalities of movement, creating sessions based on individual body patterns and personal goals. The work is wholly engaging and will challenge both your mind and body, like all good things. It is accessible and non-stressful to the body, meaning the movement meets you where you are in your body, that day, each time we meet.