Owner and Instructor

The concept for Swell has been building inside me for years. Moving and teaching movement have always been a part of my life.

As a teenager in high school I began studying yoga and Pilates, which helped me develop a foundation for a strong body/mind connection. When I got to college, my focus was modern dance. I graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dance in 1998. I have danced in companies in New York City, San Francisco, Honolulu and Providence. I have performed with several companies, including Influx Dance, Annie Rosenthal, Tau Dance Theater and Lost Wax.

In 2005 in Boston, I started my own release-based modern dance company called Emily Randolph Silva and Company.  My most recent piece, Recycled Air, was performed at Tufts University, Green Street Studios and the Boston Institute for Contemporary Art.

After college, I added body work to my professional life. I became certified in Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and Physical Mind Pilates. Around the same time, I learned about Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR), and I became certified as it seemed the perfect way for me to incorporate release of muscle tissue and softening of bone in my sessions and in my own body.

My life in dancing, performing, choreographing and teaching movement inspired me to open Elixir Body Lab, a studio specializing in YBR, Pilates and Gyrotonic instruction in 2006.

As I evolve, I enjoy deepening my knowledge about the human body. I am always re-certifying to be up-to-date for one modality or another, and I find certification workshops deeply satisfying. The updates in my field, use of specialized equipment, development of my expertise in rehab and sports, and my own study of dance and movement have all molded me into the trainer I am today.

I believe that art, culture and fashion are also essential to a full life, so fusing movement and fashion feels natural. Cultivating our best self, inside and out, is a universal goal. Most of us wonder how to achieve that best in daily life between working, raising our kids, pursuing interests, feeding the mind and body is a challenge. Maybe it means taking in a play, or putting on a great dress for Friday night.

Over the years, it’s been rewarding for me to work with bodywork clients as they strive to achieve their healthiest, best selves. Swell Body will allow my clients and me to take to the next level what choreographer Joe Goode said, “It’s in the bones.” That was his answer to his exploration of the human body and mind in a piece titled “What the Body Knows.” For me, that says it all.

The clothing and accessories I’ve chosen to sell at the boutique are both artistic and functional. I carefully edit the lines Swell carries, searching out small, socially + environmentally conscious, and unique companies. Swell Boutique gravitates to
organic and natural fabrics, ever conscious of the quality of the products and their safety.

Swell is a place to nourish your body inside, and drape it with aplomb on the outside.

Certifications & Education

  • Gyrotonic Level 1
  • Gyrotonic Pre-trainer
  • Gyrokinesis Level 1
  • Gyrotoner
  • Gyrotonic Ladder
  • Gyrotonic for Golfers
  • Pilates
  • Yamuna Body Rolling
  • TRX
  • BFA Dance, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
  • Gyrotonic Level 2
  • Gyrotonic Psoas