YAMUNA BODY ROLLING is a very powerful self -fixing and maintaining tool using inflated balls of varying size and firmness that everyone can do regardless of their age or physical limitations. YBR® organizes the body bringing all the parts back to working the way they should and can be. The commonly accepted belief is that as we get older we get stiffer and lose mobility and can no longer do the things we used to do. Yamuna believes everyone should be able to achieve their personal best at every age. In a Yamuna® Body Rolling class you will learn to work on each part of the body, rolling the appropriate ball (vis-à-vis size and firmness) from the buttocks to the calf; from the tail bone up to the skull; from the abdomen up to the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and so on. Everywhere you have muscle connecting from one place to the next; this is the path along which Yamuna® Body Rolling takes you: Bone to attachment to muscle to attachment to bone.

YAMUNA FOOT WORK Yamuna® Foot Wakers were developed to increase flexibility, bring back movement and separation of the bones of the foot, improve muscle tone, and increase circulation and to “get your shoes out of your feet.” They wake the feet up and get them moving the way they should.

Yamuna® Foot Savers stimulate bone, remove the effects of continual impact on the bones of the foot, and stimulate the reflexology points of the feet, which also stimulates organ function. Foot Savers work more specifically within the different areas of the foot than Foot Wakers to align bone. Years of wearing tight shoes cause the bones to squeeze together. Yamuna® Foot Savers help you straighten each bone out and return it to its natural position.

Yamuna Foot Work is incorporated into a YBR class and is a useful tool for self maintenance at home. All Yamuna Balls and Foot Wakers/Savers are sold at the Swell Boutique – please call 617 242 7600 to order.