Yoga is a centuries old practice of bringing harmony to the mind, body and spirit.  Yoga, Yoga therapeutics and Yoga therapy encompass a wide range of applications and are used to empower individuals towards calm, focus and inner strength.  Students experience the benefits of yoga through a specialized program which takes into account their own unique needs.  The practice of yoga helps bring the systems of the body (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, gastrointestinal, respiratory, reproductive and endocrine systems) into balance.  While Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapeutics can assist greatly with chronic conditions as well as injuries and  the recovery period from surgical intervention.  Yoga supports anyone seeking physical, mental, energetic and spiritual wellness and health in life.

Many physical, emotional and mental conditions are benefited by Yoga Therapy.  This includes arthritis, back pain, high and low blood pressure, emotional stress, sleep issues, muscle injury, weakness and tightness, sciatica, IBS and low energy.  Techniques used include mindful movement, yoga postures, breath work and relaxation techniques.